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Virtually everything you need in a single call! Our job is to do the best for your computers so you can concentrate in do what’s most important for you: working, studying, etc. Knowing that when you need it, your computer is going to be reliable and effective. Go ahead, choose the subject and see how we can help you. Be sure that your computer resources are always going to be up and running when you most need them. Or even that they’ll be back in action in the shortest possible time. We serve San Diego County.



Most Common Problems

Macbook Broken Screen
This is probably the most common problem among all laptop owners! Sooner or later, you will ...
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Kernel Panic
If this is happening to your Mac, you know very well how annoying it could be to have its version of...
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Liquid Spill
Please understand: Electronics and liquids should stay far from each other due to the fact that mish...
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Motherboard Repair
“Bad Motherboard” If you took your Mac to a computer store in San Diego or anywhere (to get one of
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Question Mark
If your computer does not boot and all you see is the “Question Mark Folder”, don’t worry! We can he
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Macbook Pro Repair
Mac Mini Repair
Imac Repair


… I will do nothing but praise and recommend their business and coming from someone who has the knowledge to call it like it is, I would say take your computer to them and don’t waste your time with the rest!  
Sara K – La Mesa
I first found them in 2008 and I’m still with them, that should tell you how much I trust them with my laptops (we have 5 in the house).  They’re prompt, ethical and their prices are great.  They can even replace i-phone screens.  I wouldn’t trust my electronics to anyone else.  
Nurse L. – San Diego, CA
This place saved me. My macbook pro was sitting in water and would not turn on. Yes, I had to pay up front and it was basically a gamble wether or not they would be able to fix it. But it was worth the gamble. They fixed it and I didn’t loose any info, or my computer. They also did it in a very
Tawnie M. – San Diego